C&S 20181007

Please Pray for:

Tiffany Baker had follow-up shoulder surgery last week. Ethan Hausberger (7 yr. old in South Africa known by Donna-Marie Lee) as finished several rounds of treatments. He has received over 100 treatmenhttps://www.ljchurch.org/cs-20181007.pdf/ts this year. Please pray that he will quickly regain his strength and that his cancer is gone. Ever Johnson (friend of Donna-Marie Lee) continues to receive regular chemo treatments although his cancer is in remission. He struggles with side effects including neuropathy, pain, a lowered immune system and emotional ups and downs. Carleta Mulkey (Linda Hickl’s 86 yr. old mother) had successful hip replacement surgery in Boise, ID. Please pray for her continued healing and recovery.

Luke Nelson (5 yr. old cancer patient for whom we’ve been praying for) continues to struggle with cancer. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


WN 20181003

It’s a Girl! Landry Joe Ritchie Born Monday, October 1 7 lbs. 9 oz. Proud Parents: Drew & Cathryn Ritchie Proud Grandparents: Joe & Karen Phillips Allen & Sharon Ritchie


C&S 20180930

Please Pray for:
Henry Bagwell (Kim Reber’s uncle) is in a nursing home on hospice care.
Maggie Stroman (our former custodian) was hospitalized last week with heart problems, but is now home.
John & Kelly Swallow are going through some tough times. Please keep them in your prayers.


C&S 20180923

Please pray for: 
Molly Matula (Margaret Ammons’ friend, Bobbie Hunter’s daughter) is a stroke victim (can’t speak or move right arm). Sandra Mullins was in the hospital, but is now home and doing better. They are still running tests. Dawn Smithey was admitted back into Methodist Sugarland. Pneumonia is gone but new things have advanced. They will give her IV steroids and antibiotics for bronchitis and asthma.


C&S 20180916

Please Pray for:
Savannah Stewart has been having tests and will get results this week. Please be praying for good results.
Dawn Smithey is at home, receiving treatments for pneumonia and needs our continued prayers.
Noah Barager was released from UTMB on Monday, but will be having more tests run.
Susan Hairston had a procedure for kidney stones on Tuesday and is now at home.
Andrea Pantle, Kelley McBrayer’s sister, had a stroke on Sept. 8th. She is out of ICU and will be moved to rehab.
Linley Glover and her family on the passing of her father, Jeff Johnson on Sept. 11. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, Sept. 22, 11:00 am at the Spring Creek Church of Christ in Tomball.


C&S 20180909

Please be praying for:
Dawn Smithey is at home and needs our continued prayers.
Maggie Stroman had gall bladder surgery on Tuesday and was to go home on Thursday.
Nicole Palmer (friend of the Fraziers) is fighting melanoma.  Her son Ayden Goff has visited here with Callan.
Jerry and Arlene Miller will be traveling back and forth to Lubbock to help take their daughter and new granddaughter to Dr. appointments.  Please remember Oakley and her parents and grandparents as they will be facing future surgeries to correct her lip and soft palate.
Gary McBrayer had successful cornea surgery. He is on light restrictions better than expected.
Noah Barager was in UTMB for pancreatitis. He was doing better and was hoping to be released on Friday.