Missions Ministry 
Sending out called and trained individuals to take the Word of God throughout the world. Coordinating and supporting communication and involvement of our congregation with our missionaries and mission outreach efforts.
Ministry Contacts
Kevin Hunter – Elder
Ryan Arthur – Ministry Leader
Rudy Juaregui – Deacon
Our Missionaries
Mike Baumgartner
The Disaster Assistance Mission provides free meals, collects and distributes donated supplies and recruits volunteers to help those affected in all kinds of natural disasters – floods, hurricanes, tornados, fires, earthquakes, etc. We have a Director of Outreach that works with us to set up bible studies in the areas we are helping. With the help of local churches in the affected areas, we are able to serve thousands of people each day.
Andrew Banjarnahor
Sharing the Gospel in Indonesia, Reaching North Sumatra. Our mission in Indonesia has been blessed by the Lord in our efforts sharing the gospel of Christ, winning the souls and strengthening the churches in North Sumatra, Indonesia. We thank the Lord for the ministry of our 15 mission teams in South Nias.
Shelly Bryant
Serving the Lord in Southeast Asia
Eastern European Missions
We share God’s Word with the people of Eastern Europe and beyond and seek to educate and inspire God’s servants in this work.
Hope for Haiti’s Children
To demonstrate Christian compassion to poverty-bound Haitian children and their families, providing opportunities for these children to become leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.
Let’s Start Talking
Changing lives one conversation at a time.
Mission Resource Network 
Reaching a broken world with the hope of Jesus is overwhelming and cannot be done alone. We guide you through a process to clarify your mission and transform lives.
Joaquin Reyes Parra
Serving the children and the Church in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
Lyndsay Senger
Working with Kevin and Benay Blume in Brazil to establish Hope House – a facility to aid men who are transitioning out of addiction and back into a healthy lifestyle through the power of Christ. 
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