YGS 20181024

Early voting began yesterday, and it’s emphasized every year how important it is to vote and let your voice be heard. I do believe voting is a privilege that should be exercised. So often I think people who grow up in countries like the USA and UK take voting for granted because it’s what we’ve always known; there are many countries where the idea of safely voting and letting your voice be heard by the government is nothing but a dream. I also understand that for many in the youth group reading this are not of voting age, but don’t switch off, this thought is still something you can take with you. Voting isn’t the only thing where we can let our voices be heard. Many schools and work places have a body for complaints or suggestions – a student body or internal affairs, etc. Social Media gives a platform for thoughts and ideas to be shared. It allows you to tell the world what is happening in your life, what you’ve been doing and what you’re looking forward to. It’s a place to tell the world what you think about things and for people to agree or disagree. We like to be heard. Some like to be heard more than others, but even the quietest of us like to know our thoughts, concerns, joys, and ideas have a place in the world. Being heard is important to us all. It doesn’t matter how old you may be or how young. Even Zoey will scream for attention if we’re not feeding her quickly enough. God has given us a place to be heard. If we sit for a while, I believe we might even hear a small voice back. We’re blessed to be given the opportunity to talk to God through prayer and meditation. Prayer is something I think, we do often out of habit at meals, when we’re a little too stressed, or when we’re “at church.” Prayer is so much more than that though. I emphasize over and over that God desires a relationship with His people. It is for this reason He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden, it’s why He met Moses on Mount Sinai to give the commandments, it’s why He sent His Son, Jesus, to live and dwell among us creating a way for all mankind to have a relationship with Him instead of just the select nation. Through prayer, we can give our requests, our venting, our joys, and our thanksgiving. God desires for us to talk to Him about anything and everything. God wants you to know that you can talk to Him, and despite being able to hear everyone’s prayers, He will listen and you can be certain that your voice is being heard by the most powerful being ever to exist. We don’t have to go to anyone on Earth, just directly to God through Jesus. This week I encourage you to let your voice be heard by God. Peter Hunt