YGS 20181205

There are always so many things happening this time of the year, with end of semester projects, Christmas parties, and even the occasional birthday party. There is always something crazy going on. Work, for many gets busier because people want to get caught up before taking time off around the Christmas season and not want to get behind in the new year. I think about how busy Bethlehem was with people travelling from all over when Joseph and Mary travelled there for the census, it was so busy there were no rooms available in the inns. It was so bad, that a kind inn keeper offered all he had, space in the dirty stable, which turned out to be the place of the Awaited One’s birth place. It isn’t right for the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the joint Creator of all that has been and ever will be to be born in such filthy conditions, but it almost seems right that He is born around His creation, the animals and people He made to live on the planet formed by His hands. We often get so used to the busyness of life and the noises made by everything that we forget to stop and take a break, time to breathe, time for silence. The well know hymn states, “Silent night, Holy night, all is calm, all is bright…” Perhaps in the fields where the shepherds lay in the dark grass looking up to the stars and talking about their day and perhaps family things among each other, all was quiet, calm, and peaceful – unlike the city of David. As we approach the Christmas break, some will be travelling, others will have family come to town, some will have extra special things going on, but I want to encourage you to stop, take a break from all that is going on, make time for a moment of silence, regather your thoughts and relax. Have a time of silence and holiness. Remove the distractions of people and even your phone. “Be STILL and know that I AM God.” Peter Hunt