YGS 20181212

This will be the last Glowsticks Newsletter for 2018. The end of the year is often a time when people look back and reflect on what has happened over the last 12 months, but they won’t stay there reflecting; they will also look ahead, hoping for a better year to come. A fresh start, just like the beginning of the new school year, new and clean blank pages. The desire to make a better self, try new things, have a different attitude toward things and, yes, make New Year Resolutions. The end/beginning of the year is a great time to reflect and look forward because it’s a changing of time. I know it’s not always easy, but what if we took a few minutes a day, as we settle into bed at night, to reflect on the day and look ahead to what we know we’ll have to achieve the next day? It is common for us to see a version of the picture of a child kneeling beside their bed in prayer, sometimes the Bible is on the bed or nightstand, sometimes they’re with a brother or sister, or with mom or dad. I wonder how many of us pray before going to bed? I wonder how many of us get on our knees to pray before going to bed? I confess, I often spend time saying a quick little prayer before grabbing my phone to play a game or have one last email check before I fall asleep. I don’t know the last time I got on my knees to pray and thank God for the day that I have had, reflecting on His goodness, His grace, His love, and His protection. And in the same prayer, asking Him for a better day when the sun rises, for His continuous blessings to be poured out on my life and the ones I hold dear to me. I wonder, what if we did get on our knees more – a stance of humility before God – to dwell in His presence and be filled by Him? Perhaps we can take the time to reflect and seek a better tomorrow more often than just at the end of the year. Peter Hunt