CS 20190113

Please Pray for:
Joe Talbot, was taken to ER at the VA hospital on Wednesday for shortness of breath. He was admitted and had tests. Found fluid around his heart due to rigid heart valves. He was released on Friday.
Mila Jankowski, great granddaughter of Joe Talbot, was admitted to Texas Children’s, Houston on 1/4 but has now been released and is at home. Meg Scott, has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Please, keep her in your prayers.
JoAnn Roots, has been placed on hospice care. Noah Casey, was in the hospital last week but was able to go home on Wed. (1/9)
Khloe Baker, has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She was released from the hospital Wed. (1/9).
Glen Stanley, friend of Terry German, had a stroke and was life flighted to a hospital in Temple. Please, pray for him and his family.