CS 20190407

Please Pray for:James Smith – Was to be transferred to CHI St. Luke’s Lake Jackson for rehab. He had a quadruple bypass last week and is doing well.
Kevin Kemmerling – son of Jeffery and Jessica, broke his arm in 2 places playing baseball.
Helen Cole – Had surgery on her leg due to a fall she had last week.
Cheryl Lee – (former member) Had a massive stroke on Tuesday and is not doing well. Janice Archerd – Wes Fagan’s grandmother, is in thehospital with fluid around her lungs and other serious problems.
Don Mullins – (former member), and brother-in-law to Zane Lee, has been in kidney failure and is now on dialysis. He lives in Santa Fe, NM.
Scott Nichols- nephew of Zane Lee, is recovering from surgery for colon cancer.